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How to Correct a Gummy Smile

27th March 2018

Smiling is something that most of us tend to do subconsciously, when we’re feeling happy and want to express this. ...

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Why your Hands Give Away your Age

20th March 2018

Hands. They’re not the first thing that people see, and they’re not usually the first thing you think would reveal ...

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Common Myths About Fat Removal Treatments

16th March 2018

Naturally, when it comes to fat removal treatments, lots of people are wary. Scepticism is a perfectly normal reaction to ...

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Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Peels

22nd February 2018

Do you sometimes wish you could remove your top layer of skin, full of sun damage and imperfections, to reveal ...

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Common Myths About Hair Loss Treatment

15th February 2018

You’ve probably heard lots of stories about cosmetic procedures including hair loss treatments. But how do you find out which ...

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Surgical Facelift VS Non-Surgical Facelift – What’s the Difference?

3rd February 2018

The term ‘face lift’ is now applied to a wide variety of cosmetic procedures which are all completely different. The ...

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New and Trending Cosmetic Procedures for 2018 & Beyond

25th January 2018

Non-surgical approaches to beauty are more popular than ever before – treatments were once only sought out by the rich ...

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How to Keep your Skin Hydrated in Winter

15th January 2018

Your skin needs an extra bit of TLC during winter, as it gets battered by cold temperatures, icy wind and ...

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Prostate Cancer and PSA

8th January 2018

Slow growing prostate tumours are common, nonetheless, aggressive form of prostate cancer can certainly shorten one’s lifespan. Each year in ...

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Make your New Year’s Resolution Total Body Confidence

27th December 2017

It’s that time of year where we make personal goals for the 12 months ahead. What would you like to ...

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