Can Nolvadex Prevent Gynecomastia?

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Nolvadex is a brand name for tamoxifen, a selective oestrogen receptor modulator. It works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen and is used to treat breast cancer in both women and men. 

Nolvadex is only available on prescription and comes in oral and tablet form. Bodybuilders and athletes using anabolic steroids often take Nolvadex for gynecomastia during post-cycle therapy. Clinical studies have indicated that Nolvadex can reverse gynecomastia and inhibit the further growth of breast tissue in men. 

When Should You Take Nolvadex for Gynecomastia?

Nolvadex is an important part of post-cycle therapy and kickstarts the production of testosterone, which is inhibited during a steroid cycle. During post-cycle therapy, Nolvadex is taken daily for between four and eight consecutive weeks, depending on the length of your steroid cycle. It is usually prescribed in tablet form and can be taken before or after food. 

The correct dose of Nolvadex is vital to restore normal levels of testosterone. Normally it is prescribed in a low dose, which is steadily increased as needed under the guidance of a doctor.

During post-cycle therapy, your practitioner will consider various factors before starting you on Nolvadex. Some of these include:

Your general health and any medical conditions

Your age

The length of your steroid cycle 

Degree of breast tissue growth present.

What Are the Side Effects of Nolvadex?

Side effects from Nolvadex are normally mild and include:


Muscle aches 

Erectile dysfunction


More serious but rare side effects include:

Tongue or throat swelling

Breathing difficulties

Deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot in your leg)


Blood clots in the lungs and veins 

Liver damage 


Coronary embolism. 

Nolvadex Interactions with Medications

Nolvadex can cause various interactions with over 100 different medications and may cause allergic reactions. This is why it is vital to only take Nolvadex during post-cycle therapy under the supervision of a doctor. Known medications that interact with Nolvadex include:  

Antidepressants — most types of antidepressants 

Endocrine system drugs — cinacalcet, bromocriptine and tranylcypromine

Cardiac medication — quinidine, ticlopidine and nicardipine

Antihistamines — diphenhydramine

Antibiotics — rifampicin and isoniazid (for tuberculosis (TB) infection)

Ulcer medications — cimetidine

Antifungal medication — terbinafine 

Diabetes medication — pioglitazone

Seizure medication — gabapentin.


Can Nolvadex cause weight gain?

Research indicates Nolvadex does not cause weight gain and can support muscle growth.

Can Nolvadex cause water retention?

Based on research, Nolvadex has not been associated with water retention when taken as part of post-cycle therapy.

Can Nolvadex cause brain fog?

Nolvadex can affect cognitive function if you take it for a long time.

Can Nolvadex cause insomnia? 

Nolvadex may cause sleep disturbance, especially if taken long-term.

Can you drink alcohol on Nolvadex?

It is not recommended to drink alcohol when taking Nolvadex as it may increase the risk of serious side effects. Alcohol also impacts how effective Nolvadex is for reducing gynecomastia.

What does Nolvadex cost?

On average, a box of 30 20mg tablets will cost between £30 and £50. This provides enough for 30 days of post-cycle therapy because normally, you will only need to take one 20mg tablet per day. 


We are here to help reduce harm for individuals using anabolic steroids. Book a consultation to discuss how we can assist you during AAS cycles or with fully monitored post-cycle therapy to meet your needs.

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