Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel Treatment

Best results with a Chemical Peel

The chemical peel is a very popular treatment for skin rejuvenation. It allows a depth-controlled and even peel to the skin. It helps the old, uneven and photo-damaged skin being removed and replaced with a new collagen-rich layer. Over the years, the use of chemical peels have been thoroughly studied and have become an effective anti-ageing and corrective therapy against sun damaged skin, age-related skin changes such as fine lines, wrinkles, freckles, skin blemishes, pigmentation disorder, uneven skin tone, dilated pores, greasy and acne-prone skin, and acne scarring.

The deeper the peel, the more downtime will be involved, but it also means better result. Superficial peel is sufficient to improve skin blemishes, pore size, oiliness and acne. A medium depth chemical peel can drastically improve fine lines, deep wrinkles and sun spots.

  1. Superficial Peels (i.e. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids Peels)
  • AHA comes in various strengths (20% to 70%)
  • Brands: Filorga®, Neostrata®, Agera®, Obagi® Radiance Peels
  • Exfoliate & remove unhealthy superficial layer of the skin
  • Improve pore size, blemishes, acnes
  • Course of 4-6 treatments for best results, 1-2 weeks apart
  • From no down time to mild redness and flaking for 2-3 days
  1. Intermediate Peels (i.e. Tricholoracetic Acid Peels)
  • TCA comes in concentrations ranging from 20-70%
  • Brands: SkinTech®, Obagi® Blue Peels
  • Penetrate to deeper layer of the skin
  • Increase cell growth leading to healthier skin layers
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • For dramatic rejuvenated appearance
  • Improve fine lines, deep creases, pigmentation disorders
  • Improve pore size, blemishes, acnes
  • Course of 3-5 treatments for best results, 1-2 weeks apart
  • Expect redness, flaking and peeling for 7-10 days.

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Your treatment

  • PROCEDURE TIME 30-45 minutes

  • BACK TO WORK Next day

  • ANAESTHETIC As required

  • FULL RECOVERY 5-7 days

  • DURATION OF RESULT 4-6 months

  • RESULTS 1-2 weeks

Treatment price

Obagi Radiance Peel - 1 Session
Obagi Radiance Peel - 3 Sessions
Obagi Blue Peel - Single Session

More information

Avoid Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) medicine for 2 days (e.g. ibuprofen, diclofenac)
Avoid vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba for 2 days
Avoid alcoholic beverages for 1 day
Avoid aspirin for 7 days (if you take aspirin for medical reason, please consult your doctor)
AHA containing face cream might be required to prime the skin for optimal result depending on type of peels
Obagi® Nuderm skin renewal system will be required for 6 months prior to Obagi® Blue Peel
Your skin will be cleansed, degreased and disinfected
Your jewellery will be removed to avoid pooling of peeling agents
Your hair will be safely tied back
Your eyes will be covered by damp cotton wool pad
Your nose, lips and delicate areas will be protected by vaseline
Procedure takes around 5-10 minutes on average
Fanning will help to reduce the discomfort during procedure
Expect tingling, mild burning sensation
Your doctor will be closely monitoring the whole process
Neutralisation solution when therapy finishes
Not applicable: during pregnancy or breast feeding
In individuals with known hypersensitivity to chemical peels
In the presence of infection or severe inflammation
Concurrent treatment such as laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, dermaroller microneedling

Redness and swelling are expected and will usually subsides within 2-3 days
Peeling and flaking may occur, which can last between 7-10 days
Local infection is rare (please adhere to the post-treatment advice to avoid infection, antibiotics might be needed in such cases)
Please avoid putting on anything on your face for at least 12 hours after treatment
Please avoid putting skincare with peeling chemicals
Please avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days
Please avoid alcohol for 2 days
Please avoid sun tanning/ sauna/ extreme heat for 2 weeks
3-5 treatments are recommended for the best results
Result lasts around 1 year after a course of treatments
Book a complementary check up in 2 weeks time to review your progress, you can discuss other treatments that can complement the new you
You may also book your next appointment to ensure you maintain your new look
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