8 Point Facelift

Rejuvenate your appearance with our 8-Point Facelift. This advanced technique revitalises facial features, offering a youthful, lifted look. Our approach addresses key facial areas for a fresh, natural appearance. Experience a transformation that’s both subtle and stunning.

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8 Point Facelift — Non-Invasive Facelift for the Entire Face

The ageing process can cause a loss of volume and sagging of skin in the key areas of the mid and lower face, causing the skin to droop and giving you a tired look. The 8 point facelift has revolutionised the way we reverse the signs of ageing using dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid (HA). It is the latest non-surgical approach for facial rejuvenation and lifting, leaving clients with natural results without having to go under the knife, experience the pain of surgery or have a long recovery time. The 8 point facelift gives you a more youthful and revitalised look that will take years off the clock.

What Is Involved in an 8 Point Facelift?

The 8 point facelift procedure was created by Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Mai to target the eight areas of the face that are most likely to lose volume and begin to sag as we age. This treatment ensures that the dermal filler is directed precisely where needed the most. By restoring the volume in these specific eight anchor points simultaneously, your face will get a balanced lift. The outcome of this procedure is very natural and results can be seen immediately.

areas pinpointed by an 8 point facelift from harley street medical doctors.

The 8 Point Facelift Targets These Key Areas:

  • Areas 1, 2 and 8 define the cheekbones
  • Area 3 fills hollow tear troughs or under the eyes
  • Area 4 reduces and fills nasolabial folds
  • Area 5 lifts the corners of the mouth to improve marionette lines
  • Area 6 reduces jowls.
  • Area 7 defines the jawline.

If you’ve been thinking of getting facial fillers in several areas of your face, this treatment considers the entire face to give you the overall youthful look you desire. Instead of doing each section one by one, you can take care of them all with the 8-point facelift. The procedure takes up to an hour (we must first apply numbing cream and wait until it takes effect), but we’ll make you feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment. You may experience some slight swelling or bruising at the injection points, but it should go away in a few days.

What Are the Benefits of an 8 Point Facelift?

The 8 point facelift can help you achieve a natural, more youthful appearance, without any of the risks or downtime associated with a conventional, surgical facelift. With a non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers, there is no need to undergo general anaesthesia, and you won’t be left with scarring, bleeding, sutures or other associated surgery risks. While the results aren’t permanent, the 8-point facelift is less costly, so we encourage you to consider it.

Besides softening your facial lines, dermal filler stimulates your natural hyaluronic acid production, which acts as an internal moisturiser to hydrate your skin. The effects of HA-based fillers are reversible through being dissolved by Hyaluronidase if necessary, providing you with a safety net and that extra peace of mind.

How Long until I See Results?

You should see some effects of the treatment immediately, but the final result may take up to a month. We will book a complimentary consultation two weeks after your treatment to review how it’s going. Every person will have different results, but the dermal fillers used in the 8 point facelift can have a long-lasting effect up to 18 months. This is great news for those who prefer a non-surgical option for lifting the overall facial structure.

Want to give your face a more youthful appearance to feel more confident? If you want to learn more about our dermal filler treatments for the face and their many benefits, get in touch and book a FREE no obligation-consultation at our central London, Harley Street clinic today.

About Your Treatment

Your treatment

  • PROCEDURE TIME 30-45 minutes

  • BACK TO WORK Same day


  • FULL RECOVERY 1-2 days

  • DURATION OF RESULT 9-18 months

  • RESULTS Immediate

Treatment price

8 Point Facelift
from  £650

More information

Avoid Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) medicine for 2 days (e.g. ibuprofen, diclofenac)
Avoid vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba for 2 days
Avoid alcoholic beverages for 1 day
Avoid aspirin for 7 days (if you take aspirin for medical reason, please consult your doctor)
Your skin will be cleansed and disinfected
Topical numbing cream will be used to ensure comfort, it takes about 5-10 minutes to work
Local anaesthetic is integrated within all the dermal fillers used, to further minimise any discomfort during and after procedure
Ice pack or Arnica might be used to minimise bruising
Procedure takes around 15 minutes on average
Result is pretty immediate with minimum or no down time at all
Not applicable: during pregnancy or breast feeding
In individuals with known hypersensitivity to dermal fillers
In the presence of infection or severe inflammation at the injection sites
Concurrent treatment such as laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion or chemical peels

Side effects are rare, mild bruising might occur, but this usually fades quickly (you can minimise bruising by avoiding medication aforementioned before the procedure)
Mild swelling may occur and usually subsides within 2 days
Local infection (please adhere to the post-treatment advice to avoid infection, antibiotics might be needed in such cases)
You can carry on with your day pretty much as usual immediately after leaving the clinic
Please avoid putting on anything on your face for at least 4 hours after treatment
Please avoid putting skincare with peeling chemicals for 2 days (e.g. glycolic acid)
Please avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days
Please avoid alcohol for 2 days
Please avoid sun tanning/ sauna/ extreme heat for 2 weeks
The result is seen immediately
Book a complementary check up in 2 weeks time to review your progress, you can discuss other treatments that can complement the new you
You may also book your next appointment to ensure you maintain your new look

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What People Are Saying

A.O – Highbury

The venesection was painless to say the least, thank you for using local anaesthetics; highly recommended

J.H – Romford

‘I blast and cruise for years. When my haematocrit level went up, my GP did not seem to care and I couldn’t possibly wait for weeks to see a specialist. I am so lucky that to have found Harley Street MD through my research and it is the only clinic I have found that accept self-referral for therapeutic venesection due to AAS use.

Y.R – Vauxhall

I was recommended by my gym mate, I can’t thank you enough for sorting out my prolactin issue due to steroid use. You are a godsend.

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