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Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

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If you are feeling self-conscious about wrinkles on your hands, we have the perfect treatment to help turn back the clock. Frequently, the focus of cosmetic medicine is treatments for the face, yet one of the most neglected areas of the body are the hands. 

People can usually tell a person’s age just by looking at their hands. Because the skin on the back of the hands is extremely thin and constantly exposed to the elements, loss of natural fat padding over time will reveal wrinkles and skin laxity while dark spots form due to sun damage. Worst of all, the underlying structures, such as tendons and veins, begin to show, giving your hands a skeletal appearance and making you look older than you are. 

Hand creams might make your hands feel softer but they are unlikely to have a significant improvement on appearance. Our hand rejuvenation treatment or “hand lift” is the only way to reverse the ageing process on the hands. Beautiful looking hands are no longer unachievable because of the magic dermal fillers bring to aesthetic medicine.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment: Make Your Hands Look Younger

The latest technological advancements give us an effective way to treat wrinkles, restore volume and return a healthy texture to hands easily with the use of dermal fillers. We use many different types of fillers in our clinic for different purposes. Radiesse is a dense, yet malleable filler made of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres, which is the filler of choice to treat the hands. It can restore lost volume and minimises the appearance of veins and tendons. It has the added benefit of stimulating collagen to help the body produce the collagen naturally lost as we age. 

Radiesse is EU and FDA approved, and many research papers back its effectiveness in hand rejuvenation. It will lift the depressions between the tendons and the veins, reducing the bony and skeletal appearance of the hands and leaving your hands looking years younger. You’ll want to make sure to use a doctor who is an expert injector and understands the anatomy of the hand to ensure a safe and effective treatment. 

Hand Rejuvenation — How Does It Work?

The beauty of using Radiesse for hand rejuvenation is the ability of the CaHA gel to create a scaffold that lifts depressions in the skin. Once injected into your skin, the spherical calcium hydroxylapatite particles encourage your body to produce its own collagen to slow down the ageing process. During your hand treatment, we first make sure you are comfortable and apply numbing cream if needed. We use a very small cannula to administer the injectable filler into the right places of the hand and massage it to blend it naturally. The procedure is virtually painless and takes less than 30 minutes to inject both hands. You may experience some light bruising or redness around the injection site, but most people can go back to work the same or next day.

Hand Rejuvenation – before and after Photos

hand rejuvenation before and after hand rejuvenation before and after

How Long Does Hand Rejuvenation Last?

Radiesse is a long-lasting filler with effects proven to last up to 18 months. Results with fillers are not permanent, but they have the added benefit of slowing the ageing process so fewer wrinkles form. Right after treatment, you will notice a difference in the appearance of your hands, but it may take a couple of weeks for the full results to appear. Radiesse maintains a soft, natural feel and takes on the characteristics of surrounding skin tissue. The gel dissolves over time and is completely metabolised by the body, leaving only the new collagen your body developed. Hand rejuvenation is great for both men and women, so get in touch for a consultation if you are considering any of our anti-ageing wrinkle treatments. 

Want to have hand rejuvenation to feel more confident and turn back the clock on your hands? Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation at our cosmetic skin clinic at Harley Street.

About Your Treatment

Your treatment

  • PROCEDURE TIME 30-45 minutes

  • BACK TO WORK Same day

  • ANAESTHETIC Topical / Local

  • FULL RECOVERY 2-3 days

  • DURATION OF RESULT 1-2 years

  • RESULTS Immediate

Treatment price

Radiesse - Both hands

More information

Avoid Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) medicine for 2 days (e.g. ibuprofen, diclofenac)
Avoid vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba for 2 days
Avoid alcoholic beverages for 1 day
Avoid aspirin for 7 days (if you take aspirin for medical reason, please consult your doctor)
Your skin will be cleansed and disinfected
You will be asked to extend and flex your fingers to identify volume deficient areas
Local anaesthetic is used to ensure comfort
The filler is introduced using bolus technique
The bolus is then massaged and manipulated throughout until even distribution occurs while you make a tight fist
Arnica cream will be used to minimise bruising
Procedure takes around 10 minutes per hand
Result is pretty immediate with minimum or no down time at all
Not applicable: during pregnancy or breast feeding
In individuals with known hypersensitivity to radiesse®
In the presence of infection or severe inflammation at the injection sites
Concurrent treatment such as laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels.

Side effects are rare, mild bruising might occur, but this usually fades quickly (you can minimise bruising by avoiding medication aforementioned before the procedure).
Mild swelling may occur and usually subsides within 2 days.
Local infection (please adhere to the post-treatment advice to avoid infection, antibiotics might be needed in such cases).
You can carry on with your day pretty much as usual immediately after leaving the clinic
Please avoid putting on anything on your hands for at least 4 hours after treatment
Please avoid putting skincare with peeling chemicals for 2 days (e.g. glycolic acid)
Please avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days
Please avoid alcohol for 2 days
Please avoid sun tanning/ sauna/ extreme heat for 2 weeks
The result is seen immediately
The effect lasts between 12-18 months
Book a complementary check up in 2 weeks time to review your progress, you can discuss other treatments that can complement the new you
You may also book your next appointment to ensure you maintain your new look

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What People Are Saying

A.O – Highbury

The venesection was painless to say the least, thank you for using local anaesthetics; highly recommended

J.H – Romford

‘I blast and cruise for years. When my haematocrit level went up, my GP did not seem to care and I couldn’t possibly wait for weeks to see a specialist. I am so lucky that to have found Harley Street MD through my research and it is the only clinic I have found that accept self-referral for therapeutic venesection due to AAS use.

Y.R – Vauxhall

I was recommended by my gym mate, I can’t thank you enough for sorting out my prolactin issue due to steroid use. You are a godsend.

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