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If you aren’t happy with your profile or wish you had a more defined jawline, you might consider having chin filler. Using dermal filler is an instant and highly effective way to enhance facial contours. Non-surgical chin augmentation with chin filler is a highly safe, aesthetic treatment when performed by an experienced and qualified General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor. Unless you are prepared to have plastic surgery, the most effective way to instantly reduce the appearance of a double chin and define your jawline is with dermal fillers.

Our chin augmentation filler procedure can aesthetically enhance your facial features, balance your profile and create defined contours. By adjusting the height, width and projection of your chin with dermal fillers, expert doctors at our aesthetic clinic in London can make subtle or dramatic changes to suit your individual goals and preferred look. 

Chin filler is a dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a gel-like substance made from a naturally occurring substance in the body, is often used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and add volume and plumpness to the skin. However, when it is expertly used in the facial area, hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers are very safe

When used to add shape and definition to the chin, jawline and cheek areas, they can provide immediate and accurate results. The actual procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes. Additionally, there is no downtime, so that you can return to everyday life immediately.

Although dermal fillers aren’t permanent, they can last up to 18 months. This makes them an excellent, safe and long-lasting way to alter your facial contours and enhance the shape of your chin, jawline or cheeks. If you want to make minor tweaks to your appearance without the risks associated with having plastic surgery, chin filler at our London aesthetic clinic could be the solution you have been looking for. 

How Does Chin Filler Augmentation Work?

A well-balanced and symmetrical face is generally considered more attractive and plays a significant role in overall appearance. Using chin fillers to refine the size or shape of your chin and jawline can improve this balance and create subtle or more dramatic changes, depending on your desired outcome.

At Harley Street MD, when we perform any type of aesthetic procedure, including chin fillers at our London clinic, we can reduce a double chin by increasing projection and sharpening your jawline to reduce the look of your jowls. By carefully placing hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, both women and men benefit from dermal fillers and can instantly have a more defined, lifted and younger-looking appearance. 

If you feel your chin is too prominent or not prominent enough, chin augmentation with filler can improve your side profile, providing remarkable and immediately noticeable results. Our aesthetic clinic in London can also administer non-surgical jawline reduction treatment to define the jaw area, improve facial proportions and create a slimmer-looking face.

Benefits of Chin Filler

Chin filler is a quick, affordable and reversible procedure, making it a fantastic and safer alternative to surgical chin implants. Going under the knife is a scary prospect for many. If the fear of pain and recovery time has put you off the idea of changing your appearance, dermal chin filler can provide similar results without the associated complications of a cosmetic surgery procedure.

There are several advantages of opting for chin filler augmentation with hyaluronic acid (HA):

Subtle or dramatic — you are in complete control of the degree of change you want to achieve and fully awake during the procedure.

Minimal pain — topical numbing cream is applied to the face before we expertly administer injections. The high-quality dermal filler also contains a local anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. When administered with skill, the procedure should be almost painless.

No recovery time — there is minimal downtime required for chin fillers, which means you can return to work or pick the children up from school immediately after having the procedure. 

Low-risk procedure — jaw and chin fillers are very safe and have few side effects, associated risks or complications. 

Minor side effects  — You may notice slight bruising, redness or swelling at the injection site, but this can easily be covered with makeup and will typically dissipate within two days.

Reversible treatment — chin fillers are non-permanent, and we can safely reverse chin filler augmentation with hyaluronic acid (HA). This is why we prefer this dermal filler, as it is entirely dissolvable). 

Long-lasting results — chin filler augmentation, non-surgical treatment lasts an average of 12 to 18 months. 

Chin Filler for Women

Do you worry that your chin isn’t as prominent as you would like it to be, or you don’t like the shape of your chin and jawline? By adding chin filler, a weak or receding chin can be treated by increasing height at the central point (your chin). With expert placement, chin filler for women can lengthen the face and improve jawline definition and overall balance. The result is the reduction of jowls or a double chin, and a slimmer-looking face with more defined contours. 

Chin Filler for Men

Dermal fillers for men can create a more prominent chin and contoured jawline for a stronger, masculine look. Chin fillers can enhance your natural bone structure and provide height and width, especially when combined with pre-jowl and jawline treatment. And the use of dermal fillers to create the “superhero jaw” is even performed by plastic surgeons to achieve the sharp chiselled jawline that even a chin implant does not always produce. 

Chin Filler Reshaping without Cosmetic Surgery

You don’t need to resort to an invasive and non-reversible cosmetic surgery with jaw or chin implants to create the facial contours and definition you want. Chin augmentation with fillers can add volume and reshape your chin and jawline. Results from chin filler augmentation with hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler can be seen instantly and will continue to improve for weeks. You can get the change you desire and avoid the risks and recovery period following cosmetic surgery by opting for chin filler in London at Harley Street MD aesthetic clinic.

Improve Your Confidence with Long Lasting Jaw and Chin Filler

Many people feel self-conscious about the area under their chin and don’t like looking at their side profile in photographs. With the help of non-surgical chin augmentation, you can always look your best from any angle. Administered by an experienced doctor, our chin filler treatments provide excellent results and generally take 30 minutes or less to perform. 

Chin filler can significantly improve your confidence, helping you to live your best life every day. Whether male or female, your newly balanced chin can change your facial contours, giving you a look you have always wanted. If your chin shape has been making you feel self-conscious or you hate having your photo taken, chin filler is the ideal treatment for restoring confidence and helping you to feel great about how you look.

Chin Filler: Before and After Photos

chin reshaping

chin enhancement chin reshaping

Free Consultation for Chin Filler

When you visit our Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered clinic for chin filler in London, we’ll provide a free aesthetic consultation with an experienced General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor. Our bespoke non-surgical chin augmentation with chin filler means individually tailored dermal filler treatments are customised to your facial symmetry and individual requirements.

During your consultation, we will discuss our recommendations and, most importantly, listen to your requests. When appropriately reshaped, by an experienced doctor at an aesthetic clinic, the chin can significantly impact your facial contouring. At Harley Street MD aesthetic London clinic, we take the time to properly plan your treatment and have the experience and expertise to know how to adjust the quantity and placement of chin filler to ensure the best possible results.


If you want to add balance and definition to your chin and jaw area, book a FREE no-obligation consultation for chin filler at our London clinic today. We’ll talk you through the chin filler procedure, answer any questions, and, most importantly, never pressure you to receive a treatment that you are not completely confident will enhance your look. 

About Your Treatment

Your treatment

  • PROCEDURE TIME 30-45 minutes

  • BACK TO WORK Same day


  • FULL RECOVERY 1-2 days

  • DURATION OF RESULT 9-18 months

  • RESULTS Immediate

Treatment price

Chin Augmentation Cost
from  £350

More information

The best way to prepare for chin augmentation with filler is to avoid:
• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) medicine for two days (e.g. ibuprofen, diclofenac)
• Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba for two days
• Alcoholic beverages for one day
• Aspirin for seven days (if you take aspirin for medical reasons, please consult your doctor).
• We will do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.
• When you undergo non-surgical chin augmentation treatment, first of all, your skin will be cleansed and disinfected.
• Next, topical numbing cream is applied, which takes about five to ten minutes to work.
• Additionally, local anaesthetic is integrated within our dermal fillers to minimise any discomfort during and after the procedure. An ice pack or Arnica gel may be used to minimise bruising and swelling but is rarely needed.
• The procedure usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes on average to complete
• Results are immediate with minimum or no downtime.
The chin and jaw area is one of the safest areas to receive hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler, and is a low-risk treatment. With only minor side effects that typically disappear within two days, chin filler is considered safe and has few associated complications.
Mild bruising and swelling may occur, but this usually subsides within two days (you can minimise bruising by avoiding medication before the procedure). Please adhere to our post-treatment advice to prevent infection. In the rare case you do develop an infection, you may require antibiotics. This is why we encourage you to call us immediately, and you can always return to our aesthetic clinic in London if you have any concerns.
Chin filler with hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler is suitable for almost everyone. However, chin filler treatment is not advisable if you:
• Have a known hypersensitivity to dermal fillers
• Are pregnant or breastfeeding
• Have a skin condition, infection or severe inflammation at the injection sites
Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler typically lasts between 12 and 18 months. (But if you don’t like how it looks, it can be dissolved immediately).
You can continue your day as usual straight after leaving our London clinic, and results are immediately visible. We also provide a complimentary check-up after two weeks to review your progress and ensure you are completely satisfied with the results of your chin filler or any other aesthetic treatment that has been performed.

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A.O – Highbury

The venesection was painless to say the least, thank you for using local anaesthetics; highly recommended

J.H – Romford

‘I blast and cruise for years. When my haematocrit level went up, my GP did not seem to care and I couldn’t possibly wait for weeks to see a specialist. I am so lucky that to have found Harley Street MD through my research and it is the only clinic I have found that accept self-referral for therapeutic venesection due to AAS use.

Y.R – Vauxhall

I was recommended by my gym mate, I can’t thank you enough for sorting out my prolactin issue due to steroid use. You are a godsend.

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