Aqualyx and 3D LIPO Ultrasound Cavitation

Aqualyx Treatment - Injection Lipolysis, Fat Freezing, Medical Weight loss

Local Fat Dissolving Injections

Do you have stubborn areas of fat that will just not budge? Do they refuse to disappear, despite your best efforts at maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine? The Aqualyx fat removal injection followed by state-of-the-art 3D LIPO Ultrasound Cavitation could be the perfect solution that you are looking for. The combination therapy can help banish those stubborn areas of fat for good.

Aqualyx® is a CE marked medicine that dissolves fat cells when injected into the regional deposits of adipose tissue under the skin. It was developed and patented by a renowned Aesthetic Surgeon – Professor Pasquale Motolese. Aqualyx® was first presented at the Aesthetic Medical International Congress in Milan and subsequently entered the international market with great success.

The human body naturally stores excess energy as subcutaneous fat. The distribution of these fatty deposits under the skin are determined by our genetics. Aqualyx® injections are very effective in dissolving and sculpting stubborn areas of fat without the downtime and discomfort of invasive liposuction. No uncomfortable compression garment is required after the procedure.

The main component of Aqualyx® is Deoxycholic acid (DC), a secondary bile acid naturally present in the body. When injected into the subcutaneous layer, it destabilises the fat cell membrane and causes permanent dissolution of fat cells. A reduction in fat deposits can be noticed when the released fatty contents are removed naturally through the lymphatic system.

Aqualyx Fat Removal

Aqualyx ® is administered through a unique injection technique known as ‘AqualysisTM’, that follows a precise protocol. The treatment should only be performed by a competent doctor who has undertaken specialised training in using long, flexible AqualysisTM cannulas. Aqualyx is very versatile and can be injected into almost anywhere with localised fat deposits. Popular areas are stomachs, love handles, hips, knees, and chins. It can also be used to treat buffalo humps and pseudo-gynaecomastia (chest fat) in men.

Comfort of the administration is increased by adding an anaesthetic agent to the Aqualyx® solution as well as an application of topical numbing cream on the target areas prior to injection. Up to 4 vials of Aqualyx solutions are typically used to treat per area each time. The treatment will be repeated typically between 2-5 times depending on the thickness of the fatty layer. The injections are repeated every 3-4 weeks until the desired outcome has been achieved. After each treatment, patients can expect some swelling, redness, itchiness and tenderness in the area treated. These symptoms are common and will subside after a few days.

Approved with a CE mark to verify its safety, it is not hard to understand why Aqualyx® has entered the UK market with such popularity. Harley Street MD is a certified clinic for Aqualyx® intra-lipotherapy, why not book an appointment today to see discuss how this treatment can help you to get rid of the stubborn fat?

3D LIPO Ultrasound Cavitation

There are many clinics that offer the Aqualyx® treatment, so why should you choose Harley Street MD for your injection lipolysis needs? The main feature that places us at an advantage above the rest is that we offer 3D advanced ultrasound cavitation as part of the Aqualyx treatment package. Included in the Aqualyx price, this treatment can penetrate to a depth of around 3cm below the skin.

The upgraded 4 cyclone cavitation transducer hand-piece will ensure a large area is treated with maximum intensity. During the cavitation phase, ultrasound waves mechanically disrupt the cell membrane of the fat cells, forcing them to break down and release their fatty contents.

This fat is then eliminated through the lymphatic system and excreted by the body’s natural processes. This technology irreversibly removes fat cells in the target areas, which includes any areas below the heart (stomach, love handles, hips, inner thighs and more). 3D technology is certainly one of the most advanced and complete devices of its kind globally.

It was recently awarded a rating of 9/10 in OK! Magazine, and it came first against other treatments on the market. We provide ultrasonic cavitation at no extra charge to complement your Aqualyx® treatment if there are no contraindications to the treatment.

At Harley Street MD, we go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the most effective, bespoke treatment package. Contact us to book today.

Your treatment

  • PROCEDURE TIME 45-60 minutes

  • BACK TO WORK Same day


  • FULL RECOVERY 1-2 weeks


  • RESULTS 4-8 weeks

Treatment price

Aqualyx - Single session
Aqualyx - 3 sessions
Aqualyx - 5 sessions

More information

Avoid Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for at least two days (e.g. ibuprofen)
Avoid vitamin E and Ginkgo Biloba for 2 days
Avoid all alcoholic beverages for one day
Avoid aspirin for 7 days (if you take aspirin for medical reason, please first consult with your doctor)
Do not consume large meals immediately before your procedure, or directly afterwards
This treatment is not suitable for use in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Your skin will be cleansed and disinfected for the injection
Topical numbing cream will be offered to ensure comfort.
In addition, local anaesthetics will be mixed with the Aqualyx
Injections are done through very fine needles
The procedure takes around 30 minutes on average
Results appear within 3-4 weeks but can be up to 8 weeks.

3D Ultrasound Cavitation:

If there are no contraindications and the treatment area is below the heart, 3D Ultrasound Cavitation will be offered to potentiate the effect of Aqualyx treatment
Ultrasound gel will be applied to the treatment area
Using the cavitation transducers, the doctor will then massage the treatment area in to enable the ultrasound waves to reach the fatty layer. The treatment is not painful, and often feels very therapeutic.
The procedure takes around 10-15 minutes on average
Aqualyx should not be administered during pregnancy or breast feeding
It is not advisable in the presence of infection or severe inflammation at the injection sites 
Avoid concurrent treatment such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peel or micro-needling.
The side effects are very rare, although mild bruising might occur locally. This usually fades very quickly.
Swelling may occur & usually subside in a period between seven to ten days.
Redness, tenderness, itchiness & firmness around the injection areas are common but usually disappear within 7-10 days
3D Ultrasound Cavitation is not painful, you may hear loud noises during the treatment because sound wave travels faster in solid matter than air.
You can carry on with your day as usual immediately after leaving the clinic
Please avoid using skincare with peeling chemicals for 2 days (e.g. glycolic acid)
Please avoid alcohol for 2 days after the treatment
You may resume exercise as soon as you are feeling comfortable
Do drink plenty of water
Massaging the treated area helps
3-5 sessions might be required depending on the area and the individuals’ response to treatment.
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