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Do you have stubborn areas of fat that will not budge? Do they refuse to disappear despite your best efforts at maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine? The human body naturally stores excess energy as subcutaneous fat, and our genetics determine the distribution of these fatty deposits under the skin.

We all have those areas of our bodies that we wish we could change or alter slightly. This is why we have developed a combination therapy of Aqualyx fat-dissolving injections followed by state-of-the-art 3D LIPO Ultrasound Cavitation for maximum fat reduction and body contouring results.

We are the only aesthetic clinic in London, registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), that provides ultrasonic cavitation treatment at no extra charge (as long as there are no contraindications to your Aqualyx treatment).

How Aqualyx Injections Work

Aqualyx fat-dissolving injections work very well in dissolving stubborn areas of fat – which means that we can reduce fat deposits in any problem area you might have. Clinical studies have shown that when correctly injected into the regional adipose (fatty) tissue, Aqualyx fat-reducing injections dissolve fat cells. The product was developed and patented by a renowned aesthetic surgeon, Professor Pasquale Motolese.

Aqualyx fat-dissolving injections are administered through a unique injection technique called “Aqualysis”, which follows a precise protocol. The treatment should only be performed by a competent doctor registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) who has undertaken specialised training in specific techniques using Aqualysis cannulas (long, flexible plastic tubes). Aqualyx is very versatile and can be injected into almost any part of the body where there are localised pockets of fat.

The main component of Aqualyx is Deoxycholic acid (DC), a secondary bile acid naturally present in the body. When this is injected into the subcutaneous layer, it destabilises the fat cell membranes and causes the permanent dissolution of fat cells. A reduction in fat deposits becomes visible within three to four weeks, as the fat cells are released and removed naturally via the lymphatic system through your urine.

How 3D LIPO Ultrasound Cavitation Works

Here at Harley Street MD aesthetic clinic in London, we use a powerful 200-watt output cyclone cavitation transducer handpiece with four transducers, incorporating advanced ultrasound cyclone technology. This allows us to treat larger areas with maximum intensity.

The cavitation machine delivers low-frequency ultrasound waves, which disrupt the cell membrane of the fat cells, forcing them to break down. It’s a great way to ensure you see visible fat reduction after one treatment. However, for optimal fat reduction, multiple treatments are generally required after each treatment with Aqualyx fat-dissolving injection.

Aqualyx and 3D Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment Procedure

Before administering Aqualyx fat-dissolving injections, your skin is cleansed and disinfected. Aqualyx solution is mixed with local anaesthetic, numbing the treated area during the injection process. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and should be relatively painless.

If there are no contraindications and the treatment area is below the chest, 3D Ultrasound Cavitation is then provided. This will enhance the fat reduction you can achieve with Aqualyx fat-dissolving injections. First, ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area. Next, the area is massaged with the cavitation transducer handpiece to allow the ultrasound waves to penetrate the fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue.

3D Ultrasound Cavitation treatment generally takes 10 to 15 minutes and is painless. Many of our clients say it feels like having a massage and is very therapeutic.

At Harley Street MD, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive the most effective, bespoke treatment package. If you have any questions about the treatment or what to expect from it, please book a free-of-charge consultation to discuss the fat reduction treatment at our London aesthetic clinic.

About Your Treatment

Your treatment

  • PROCEDURE TIME 45-60 minutes

  • BACK TO WORK Same day


  • FULL RECOVERY 1-2 weeks


  • RESULTS 4-8 weeks

Treatment price

Aqualyx - Single session
Aqualyx - 3 sessions
Aqualyx - 5 sessions

More information

Fat-reducing injections can be administered almost anywhere you want to reduce localised fatty tissue. The most popular Aqualyx treatment areas include the following:
• Chin
• Chest (pseudo-gynecomastia in men)
• Stomach
• Hips
• Knees
• Ankles.
During one session, up to four vials of Aqualyx solution are generally required to treat one area. You may be able to have more than one area treated simultaneously. However, this will depend on the amount of localised fat you want to reduce in each area.
Typically Aqualyx fat-dissolving injections will need to be repeated between two to five times, depending on the fat deposits, chosen area, and how well your body responds to each treatment.
We recommend that Aqualyx injections are repeated every three to four weeks until you achieve the maximum fat loss possible in the treated area.
After each treatment, you can expect some mild swelling, bruising, redness, itchiness and tenderness in the treated area. These symptoms are common and will subside after three to six days. Small lumps may also form as the fat cells dissolve, but these will generally dissipate within two weeks.
Fat-dissolving injections are very safe, although rare complications are possible, such as infections and nerve damage. These are far more likely to occur when Aqualyx is not administered correctly by a qualified doctor or surgeon.
Aqualyx injections can not be administered if you are:
• Pregnant or breastfeeding
• Immunocompromised
• Have liver or kidney damage
• If you have skin infections or irritation.
• Avoid Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for at least two days (e.g. ibuprofen)
• Don’t take vitamin E and Ginkgo Biloba supplements for two days
• Avoid all alcoholic beverages for one day
• Avoid aspirin for seven days (if you take aspirin for a medical reason, please first consult with your doctor)
• Do not consume large meals immediately before your procedure or directly afterwards
• Avoid concurrent treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels or micro needling.
• Complications are very rare.
• Minor side effects such as swelling and mild bruising may occur and usually dissipate within three to six days.
• 3D Ultrasound Cavitation is not painful. However, you may hear loud noises during the treatment.
• Results tend to be visible within three to four weeks and continue to improve for up to eight weeks following treatment with Aqualyx and ultrasound cavitation.
• You can carry on with your day as usual immediately after leaving the clinic
• Do not use skincare containing salicylic acid for two days following the treatment
• Please avoid alcohol for two days after the treatment
• You may resume exercise as soon as you feel comfortable
• Drink plenty of water following the treatment
• Massaging the treated area helps to prevent lumps and firmness
• Depending on the area and how you respond to the treatment, multiple sessions might be required.

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What People Are Saying

A.O – Highbury

The venesection was painless to say the least, thank you for using local anaesthetics; highly recommended

J.H – Romford

‘I blast and cruise for years. When my haematocrit level went up, my GP did not seem to care and I couldn’t possibly wait for weeks to see a specialist. I am so lucky that to have found Harley Street MD through my research and it is the only clinic I have found that accept self-referral for therapeutic venesection due to AAS use.

Y.R – Vauxhall

I was recommended by my gym mate, I can’t thank you enough for sorting out my prolactin issue due to steroid use. You are a godsend.

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