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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the persistent inability to attain or maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse. It’s normal to occasionally not be able to get hard, but if this becomes an ongoing problem, it’s time to see a doctor. A UK study of men between 18 and 75 showed that 39% of men experienced ED at some point, meaning more than one in 17 men are suffering from ED. It has a negative impact on the quality of life for patients and their partners and can also damage a man’s confidence. But don’t worry, you can get erectile dysfunction treatment.

If we briefly look at the penile erection, it’s quite a complex neurovascular phenomenon and comes in all shapes and sizes. You may have heard the phrase that the penis “has a mind of its own.” An erection can come at the most inappropriate of times, and it is not just connected to sexual arousal. A man’s erection is influenced by psychological factors such as stress, anxiety and depression as well as lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking and certain medications. Only about 10 to 20% of patients with ED have a solely psychogenic cause. A high proportion of men with ED have an underlying health problem like high blood pressure, insomnia, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes or a heart condition. Other possible causes include vascular diseases, neurological disorders and low testosterone levels.

Whatever the cause for your lack of erection, there are ways to take control of your health and wellbeing to start winning in the bedroom again. Many men respond well to long-term lifestyle changes, which have the added benefit of improving your quality of life and longevity. 

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

This is the mother of all questions — is there an erectile-dysfunction treatment that will cure a man of all his erection problems? The short answer is no, there is no cure for ED. But there are steps you can take to improve your erection and even medications that help you produce an erection when you need it most. We are happy to discuss your options and set up a treatment plan that gets your sex life back on track. 

Below are the top three considerations to get you started on improving your health, wellbeing and erections. These should be your first line of defence before moving to medications or surgery.

Improving Physical Health

This is the best place to start if you have ED, because you have control of how you live your life. If you aren’t taking the best care of yourself, it’s time to consider a lifestyle overhaul. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are your first step to greater sexual health. If you smoke, do drugs or drink excessively, this could negatively impact your ability to perform in the bedroom. We are seeing a prevalence of ED in younger men because of poor lifestyle habits. These are easily treatable, but if you need help, seek the guidance of a nutritionist or personal trainer to get your health on track.

Improving Mental Health

Since ED is often a psychological problem instead of a physical one, men with ED might want to see a therapist as part of a treatment plan. If you are experiencing major stresses at work or home or you have had a traumatic experience in your past, talk therapy can help. Consider couple’s therapy if you want to include your partner in discussions about your relationship. Also, consider incorporating yoga and meditation into your week if you are particularly stressed.

Improving Sexual Health

This can be an embarrassing topic to discuss with your partner, but to have a happy sex life, you can try different techniques together to improve your erection and ability to stay hard during sexual activity. Some men have good luck with prescription medicines like Viagra. If you are interested in trying this we can discuss it at your consultation.

Getting Erectile-Dysfunction Treatment

It is our job to understand the possible causes and give you real solutions to improve your potency. No matter what the cause of the problem, erectile-dysfunction treatment is effective in most cases. When there are no hormonal disruptions found, patients receive a comprehensive management plan with non-hormonal treatment options. If needed, medication in the form of oral tablets, intra-urethral applications or intracavernosal injection is available directly from the clinic. This saves you the potential embarrassment of visiting your local pharmacy.

Call us today to book a free consultation for erectile-dysfunction treatment at our clinic in London. Consultations at Harley Street MD usually last up to 30 minutes, and we can help determine the best course of treatment. We will create a bespoke plan that is based on your personalised needs to help you get your sex life back on track. 

Want to improve your health and wellbeing and combat erectile dysfunction? Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our clinic on Harley Street, and we’ll help to restore your vitality and energy.

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Yes, we begin with a consultation which usually last up to 30 minutes and we can use this time to help determine the best course of treatment for you. It is our job to understand the possible causes and give you real solutions to improve your potency.
A large UK study of men between 18-75 showed a rate of 39% for lifetime ED. That means more than 1 in 17 men in the UK are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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A.O – Highbury

The venesection was painless to say the least, thank you for using local anaesthetics; highly recommended

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‘I blast and cruise for years. When my haematocrit level went up, my GP did not seem to care and I couldn’t possibly wait for weeks to see a specialist. I am so lucky that to have found Harley Street MD through my research and it is the only clinic I have found that accept self-referral for therapeutic venesection due to AAS use.

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I was recommended by my gym mate, I can’t thank you enough for sorting out my prolactin issue due to steroid use. You are a godsend.

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