New and Trending Cosmetic Procedures for 2018 & Beyond

cosmetic procedures, Cosmetic Procedures for 2018

Non-surgical approaches to beauty are more popular than ever before – treatments were once only sought out by the rich and famous, but these days they are available to anyone who want to boost their confidence. There’s new demographics for cosmetic procedures too, as it’s not just middle aged women looking to improve their appearance – a growing number of men and younger age groups, such as millennials, are considering non-invasive treatments.

Another reason for this rapid increase in popularity is because of the advancement of the procedures. There are now a huge range of non-surgical treatments, which require minimum downtime and recovery time, so people can have these procedures carried out discreetly without taking time off work.

Here are some of our predictions for the latest procedures and trending treatments in 2018.

The Liquid Facelift

You might have seen horror stories about surgical facelifts gone wrong, as many of them simply don’t look natural. However, with the development of injections and dermal fillers, you can have a non-surgical ‘liquid’ facelift, which can help to sculpt the facial features. A combination of augmentation fillers and cosmetic injections, such as anti-wrinkle treatments, can enhance the face in a subtle and natural way, without changing the original features too much. We recommend the 8 point facelift, which adds volume where needed and creates a youthful appearance.

Tear Trough Treatment

As a quick, non-invasive treatment, we think requests for Tear Trough Treatment are about to soar once people recommend it to friends and relatives. If you’ve tried all of the expensive eye creams and nothing it getting rid of the bags under your eyes, then this treatment can make all the difference in just half an hour. Under eye fillers can restore the volume in the hollow section under the eye, reducing shadows and dark circles – so you look less tired and weary and more youthful.

Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

As we age, our eyelids droop and can be a cause for concern. They make eyes appear tired and are a key factor in making the face look wrinkled and aged. Surgery can be used to cut and remove excess skin around the eyes and eyelids, however now there is a less invasive way. The Plasma BT surgical treatment can be used for eyelid correction, using electrical energy and ionised gas. It encourages the skin to tighten and build collagen, which lifts the eyelid. This innovative system is expected to have a huge impact this year as it becomes more readily available.

The cosmetic industry is constantly evolving and adapting to demand. What treatments would you like to see in 2018?

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