The Top 6 Things You Need to Know about Lip Filler

Lip Filler

If you’ve decided to get lip filler, it’s a good idea to do as much research as possible before your treatment, so you know exactly what to expect. Lip fillers are a fantastic way of improving the appearance of your lips, especially if you think your lips need to look fuller or more luscious. Filler can plump your lips up, giving them a much fuller appearance and making them look beautiful. 

Here are the top 6 things you need to know about lip filler… 

There are different kinds of lip fillers available 

There are two kinds of lip fillers that are available. One is ‘semi-permanent’ and once injected, can’t be reversed. The other is considered ‘temporary’ and can be reversed by another liquid, if you needed or wanted it to be removed sooner than normal. 

Temporary fillers are the most popular by far, most people like knowing that if they don’t like the effect of their lip fillers, it can be easily removed in another session. The temporary fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA). 

Hyaluronic acid is also a naturally occurring liquid, that is already found in your body naturally. This means, the risks are much fewer, and your body is more likely to react well to it. It’s also a very hydrating liquid, it can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. Because of this, it’s a really hydrating ingredient, so it’s good for your body and good for your skin too. 

They are reversible

As you’ve just read, if you opt for certain kinds of lip fillers, they are reversible. Hopefully you won’t want your lip fillers reversed or removed, but it is really beneficial knowing that it can be removed if you need it to. 

There are risks involved 

Lip fillers carry minimal risks compared to surgery, but you should be made aware of the risks before having your treatment. Before your treatment, you should be asked to sign consent forms, which legally show you understand the procedure and any risks involved. These risks may include; swelling, bruising, redness, bleeding (from injection site) and possible scarring. 

They won’t last forever 

Lip fillers don’t last forever, and they’re not a permanent procedure. Your lips filler will likely last between 4-8 months (it varies from patient to patient). After this time, you’ll notice your lips returning to their normal size, and you’ll likely want to book a top-up appointment to get back to the fuller and more filled appearance. 

It shouldn’t feel ‘strange’ afterwards 

In the first few days after receiving your lip filler, it may feel a little bit red, bruised or swollen. But once the filler has settled and your swelling has gone down, you shouldn’t feel strange. You shouldn’t be able to feel that you have filler in and your lips shouldn’t feel bumpy or lumpy. Your lips should feel normal, just bigger! If you have any issues with your lips feeling uncomfortable or not feeling ‘right’ always speak to your consultant. 

You might not be able to take them as big as you hoped

Lots of people visit their consultation with photographs of celebrities (Kylie Jenner is a popular one!) and expect to be able to achieve a certain size or shape. The truth is, the shape you can achieve (and size) will very much depend on your natural lips size / shape. It isn’t possible to transform your appearance with fillers, but enhance it. 

Here are some other things to remember… 

Here are some other things it’s worth remembering about lip fillers… 

  • You can have your lip filler gradually – there’s no rush. 

  • The upkeep and aftercare is minimal. 

  • You won’t need to take time off work, recovery is minimal. 

  • It doesn’t hurt too much, but some people may find it uncomfortable at points. 

  • Swelling is completely normal in the first few days. 

If you have any questions about having lip fillers, feel free to get in touch using our contact form. We’re always happy to answer any questions of queries you might have. 

Getting lip filler is a fantastic way to enhance your natural lips and give them a fuller and more plumper appearance, and we know that you’ll be happy with the result if you opt for a trusted and certified practitioner. 

Dr. Chia Tan

Founder at Harley St M.D.
Dr. Chia Tan is a UK trained medical doctor that specialises in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine and testosterone replacement therapy. He is qualified as a medical doctor since 2003 and has since trained extensively. He has been featured in several leading magazines as well as invited to appear on TV to discuss aesthetic medicine and the latest cosmetic procedures.
Dr. Chia Tan
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