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Can hair loss be prevented or is it something most men need to prepare for in later life?

Lots of people see their hair as a reflection of their identity – it’s often the window to our appearance, sometimes the first thing people notice, a confidence booster and often a way to show off our personality – with different styles, colours and lengths. 

It’s for this reason that hair loss can seriously knock our confidence. You see some people donning a comb over, toupee or every style of hat imaginable, just to disguise the problem. Even celebrities can’t escape this one, with hair transplant treatments growing all the more popular, with heartthrobs such as Matthew McConaughey and Jude Law getting a piece of the action. 

Causes of hair loss

The first thing to be aware of if you’re experiencing hair loss yourself, is that you’re really not alone. It’s a very common condition that affects 65% of men by the age of 60, and many women too. 

There are many myths about male pattern baldness including; longer hair puts a strain on roots, poor circulation is a cause and that hair loss is inherited from your mum’s male relatives. Put the clippers down and keep those family connections strong…these myths can take a hike

Regular shampooing, good hair hygiene and good nutrition can certainly help to slow the process down but most hair loss and thinning is simply part of the ageing process and down to  predetermined genetic factors. 

There are health conditions, including anaemia and thyroid disease, or hormonal changes and emotional trauma that can also cause hair loss – but most causes aren’t associated with internal or systematic disease. Unfortunately it’s just a natural part of getting older that most men have to deal with.

Ways to improve it

The good news is that there are many ways to improve hair loss. It’s a common condition with various treatments to try too. 

There are shampoos and treatments on the market that promise to help but generally aren’t scientifically proven. It can always be worth giving them a shot to see what works for you and they could also be used alongside other treatments to boost effects (and more importantly…confidence). For those who can afford it, a hair transplant can successfully hide hair loss but comes with associated risks.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Treatment) is extremely popular for men, as it stimulates hair growth but isn’t as invasive as transplant surgery. 

Growth factors are extracted from your blood and then reinjected to encourage stimulation of the root. This can also be used as a preventative procedure before the effects of hair loss are visible. Just a small amount of blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. Once separated, PRP is then isolated and injected into target areas. 

It’s a short treatment that only takes 30-45 minutes and results can be seen after 3 weeks, with maximum collagen regeneration taking up to three months. For most people, we’d recommend two to three sessions, four to six weeks apart. The process is also much safer to carry out than surgery, without risk of rejection or allergy.  

The true benefit is the confidence it gives to men, with remarkable results seen in next to no time and with little risk to your pocket. 

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