What Causes Tear Troughs And Eye Bags?

hair loss tear trough check, Tear Troughs And Eye Bags

Is it true that not enough sleep causes ageing under the eyes?

‘You look tired’ are the words nobody wants to hear but for many, it feels all too common. When it comes to make up and getting ready day-to-day, ‘bags’ and dark under eye circles are often the first port of call to fix. 

What are tear troughs and eye bags?

Tear troughs are dark circles and hollowing under the eyes, which are often tell-tale signs of ageing or make people look and feel older than their years. 

As we age, the skin thins and loses elasticity – for the eyes, this means skin under our eyes becomes lax, leaving hollow depressions. The tear trough is the area that runs from the inner eye to the upper cheek and when sunken can give a tired and weary impression. 

What causes them?

When it comes to dark circles, sleep deprivation is thought of as the most common factor. With hectic lifestyles, it’s often easier said than done to get a full eight hours but a good night’s sleep and plenty of water will help to rejuvenate the skin and alleviate the look of tired eyes. 

 Unfortunately, tear trough and dark circles are often hereditary. Sometimes, no amount of make up or sleep can erase them and they can just keep getting worse over the years.

How to improve it

Lifestyle changes and a cut down on vices will certainly help to keep the skin looking fresh. If you feel the dark circles and tear troughs aren’t getting any better though, it could be a family trait that you can’t shift through natural remedies – your melanin pigmentation is higher and this natural ageing process has been inevitable. 

We’re finding that medical procedures to treat tear troughs and eye bags are becoming all the more popular – especially now contouring and highlighting is all the rage, which in turn highlights these problem areas for some. 

Among the procedures is the tear trough treatment – in which soft fillers are injected into the area to restore a lighter, youthful appearance. The fillers are massaged into the area and then provide an even, more firm appearance. It’s a small process but the effects can be seen immediately and can last for 1-2 years.  Contact us to find out more about this non-invasive procedure which has dramatic effects.

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