When autumn rolls around and you start to feel that familiar chill in the air, your first instinct is to protect yourself against the elements with cosy knitwear and coats. But what about your skin — do you switch out your skincare cabinet just as you would your wardrobe? As temperatures drop, consider creating a tailored autumn skincare routine to effortlessly transition into the new season.

How Autumn Affects Your Skin

So, what are the most common autumn skin woes? Dryness is the main issue your face will have to contend with, as when temperatures plummet, humidity levels in the air do too. Changing seasons can significantly impact your skin’s hydration levels, with this lack of moisture in the air potentially upsetting the skin’s balance. Central heating can also strip skin of moisture, so as you try to keep warm, your skin will likely feel drier.

In cold and windy weather, your skin takes more of a beating, which can cause sensitivity, inflammation and redness. Your autumn skin may also be suffering now that summer has come to an end, feeling worse for wear after a few months of heat sensitivity and pigmentation from excessive tanning. So now’s the time to give your skin a bit of extra care and switch up some of your go-to products. 

Top Tips for Autumn Skincare

Making some simple adjustments to your skincare routine can cater to the change in environment autumn brings. Keep your skin looking healthy and fabulous with our top tips.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine, but Not Too Much

The key is to keep things simple. Make some basic changes to your skincare routine, such as swapping your foaming face wash for a nourishing cream cleanser, but avoid overwhelming the skin with lots of new products at once. Overdoing it could result in dryness, irritation and worsened breakouts.

Stay Hydrated

In summer, it’s all about lightweight formulas to maintain the skin’s natural glow, but once autumn arrives, you’ll need to take your moisturising to the next level. Swap your lightweight cream for a thicker version once the temperature drops — your skin will thank you for it.

Remember to Exfoliate

As you leave summer behind, your skin will likely benefit from regular exfoliation to keep dull skin and dry patches at bay. Add a gentle exfoliator to your skincare cabinet and use it once or twice a week. For an added boost and a fresh, radiant look, you could go one step further and treat your skin to a chemical peel.

Be Consistent with Your Cleansing

Making changes to your skincare will help you combat common autumn skin problems, but one thing that should stay the same is your cleansing routine. Remember to cleanse morning and night before applying any other products to keep your skin clear and fresh.

Don’t Forget Your SPF

The sun may feel like it’s gone away once autumn arrives, but it’s vital that you keep applying sun protection factor (SPF) all year round. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin no matter the weather, so this is one product you’ll need to stay stocked up on. A mineral-based SPF is a good choice if you’re looking for something lightweight, breathable and easy to use.

A good seasonal skincare routine helps you stay glowing all year round, but if you need a little extra help, contact Harley Street MD today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our skincare experts would love to help you achieve the complexion of your dreams.

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