Cellulite… Almost 90% of us suffer from it, but it’s still something many of us seek to get rid of or improve. If you’re self conscious of your own cellulite and you’re looking to improve the appearance of your cellulite, the treatment Cellfina might be the answer for you. 

But before we talk about Cellfina, what actually is cellulite? 

Cellulite dimples are caused by connective tissue pulling the skin down. Every cellulite dimple you have, will be caused by a tiny piece of connective tissue pulling the skin downwards. When far surrounds these connective bands of tissue, the dimples can become more obvious by pushing up the skin around them. That is how cellulite is formed. 

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina® is an FDA and CE marked treatment that aims to deliver long term results of cellulite dimple reduction. The results can last up to 3 years, giving you three years of boosted self confidence. 

Cellfina is also a minimally invasive treatment, which means there is minimal downtown and recovery, and this makes it an appealing choice for many people who don’t want surgery. During your Cellfina treatment there will be no bleeding and usually only minimal bruising afterwards. 

How does Cellfina work? 

Cellfina works by changing the structure of the connective tissue. Essentially, it changes the biological structure of cellulite, and how it is formed – which in turn fixes the dimple problem and reduces the appearance of cellulite massively. Cellfine doesn’t suck your fat out or get rid of your fat, instead it breaks the connective tissue bands in your body’s system, which then stops the appearance of cellulite. By snapping these bands, the dimpling effect is gone.

During the treatment, your doctor will inject you with numbing injections (usually the most unpleasant part of the treatment) and then use a tiny scalpel to pierce your skin in the affected area, and begin snapping these connective tissue bands through rapid oscillations of the blade. It isn’t possible to snap all the connective tissue bands (as the structural integrity needs to remain), but your doctor will snap as many as possible so that your results are visible. 

Cellfina is done as a one-off treatment, and it is classed as a medical procedure (so it will involve medical staff, and an operating table). But don’t let this scare you, as Cellfina class it as minimally invasive and virtually painless.  Most patients will experience some bruising after their treatment (which is usually gone by week 2 of the receivery period), and you’ll be given compression garments to help with this too. 

What are the results? 

The results you’ll see following Cellfina, will be more smooth skin in the area you had your treatment. This smoothness will be a direct result of less cellulite. You may also notice a more defined profile or shape of the area too – again because the dimples don’t distort your shape anymore. 

Harley St M.D would be more than happy to recommend appropriate treatments for your cellulite and discuss alternatives.

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