Top 8 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

8 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

It’s normal as men age to lose testosterone. This important hormone occurs in men and women, but testosterone is found in higher amounts in men, which helps with several important body functions. Men need testosterone to maintain their sex drive, sperm count, muscle and bone health. It also helps boost energy and mood. When testosterone starts to drop, it’s easy to feel the negative side effects and not feel like yourself. We want to share some ways to increase your testosterone naturally and the many successful treatments available to help boost your hormones.

Natural Ways to Maintain and Increase Testosterone

No matter what your age, a healthy diet and lifestyle will do wonders for your overall health. You might not notice the drop in testosterone until your thirties or forties, but until then there are many ways to maintain your testosterone levels, so you have fewer problems later. An ounce of prevention will go a long way in fighting all kinds of ailments that affect ageing men. These may seem like no-brainers, but it’s a good reminder if these are areas in which you could improve. All of the lifestyle changes below work in synergy to make you the best man you can be — one with a strong libido who can perform in the bedroom.

Get Enough Sleep

Burning the candles at both ends is not sustainable. If you are not getting eight hours of sleep most nights, you will lose cognitive abilities, but a lack of sleep is also detrimental to your immunity, sex drive and testosterone levels. If you have trouble getting to sleep, consider seeing a sleep specialist to help you understand why. But if you tend to drink coffee or caffeinated drinks throughout the day, that will greatly impact your ability to get to sleep at a decent hour.

Reduce Stress

We already know that stress is harmful to our health. When the body is stressed, your cortisol levels rise and this can cause erratic changes in testosterone. If you are facing hair loss, you might feel even more stress to keep up appearances. If you are feeling overwhelmed about anything in your life, consider talking to a therapist.

Eat Healthfully and Watch Your Waistline

What is considered “healthy” is subjective, but we think you know what it means to eat healthfully. Veggies like greens, mushrooms and high fibre foods like oats and black beans should be at the top of your list because they are great for heart health, too. Avoid trans fat and things overly sugary or processed, but enjoy Brazil nuts and walnuts for their omega-rich “good” fats. Studies show that men who take care to keep their weight in check or lose weight if they are obese will have higher testosterone levels. So if you’ve been eating too many convenience foods or calling for take-out every day, it might be time to overhaul your diet.

Exercise Often, Including Weight Training

Research suggests that men who exercise regularly have better hormone levels than those who don’t. There’s no better time than the present to hit the gym or start building your in-home gym. The important thing to remember is to include weight training in your fitness plan. Building and maintaining muscle not only helps you maintain weight, keep body fat down, and protect you from bone loss, but it can also increase testosterone levels. If your only doing cardio, it’s time to pick up something heavy! Find a personal trainer to create a training plan and show you how to use the equipment if weight training is new to you.

Consider Supplementation

In a perfect world, we would be able to get all the micronutrients we need from our food. Since that isn’t always possible, you might want to consider taking supplements to make sure you are reaching your required vitamin D, iron, magnesium and zinc levels. Studies show that these four vitamins and minerals in particular benefit testosterone production. If you come into our clinic, we will do a full blood panel to see what you are deficient in and include supplementation in your treatment plan.

What Treatments Are Available When Testosterone Is Too Low?

If healthy lifestyle changes aren’t doing enough to get your testosterone to a healthy level, we have many treatment options that have a great success rate. If you notice you are feeling foggy or lethargic, and are not in the mood for sexual activity, it’s a good idea to get your hormone levels checked. These are all signs that you may have low testosterone. There are several ways you can increase your testosterone with our help. We do a comprehensive consultation with a physical examination, many different blood tests, and more to help you win the battle and find the best form of treatment for your special case.

Some men choose to have testosterone injections in our clinic. We also have oral testosterone therapy that is super convenient, while some men decide to do transdermal hormone therapy, which is using a gel on your skin. But not to worry, we will determine which method is best for you and your lifestyle during your consultation. Don’t wait to get in touch with your doctor today.

Are you worried about low testosterone negatively affecting your life? Book a free, no-obligation consultation with our men’s health experts. We offer the best therapies for low testosterone that meet all your needs.

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