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What is Nebido?

As men grow older, it is a natural for their timeline to result in a loss of testosterone. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is said that once a man reaches around 30 years old then his testosterone will lower -1% per year. However, there are those unlucky few that begin to suffer from this at a far younger age. This is where Nebido comes in. As a testosterone undecanoate, in other words a hormone replacement, it aims to re-supply the body so that it can avoid any problems that may afflict the body due to a chemical imbalance. If you are considering this drug for yourself or a loved one, this list will ensure that you fully understand this replacement before you decide upon using them. 

The Masculine Blues

Before we launch into how the replacement can assist with lost testosterone, it is important to understand what problems are associated with the lack of testosterone. Not only does it interfere with a man’s sex drive, but it can disrupt sleep, cause depression and even memory loss. Physically it can seriously cause problems with a bone strength and body weight, thus it is essential that a replacement of the hormone is provided as soon as possible. It is even possible that men with low testosterone are at the risk of even worse risks, including: 

• Cardiovascular disease

• Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

• Osteoporosis

• Muscle wasting

But what causes it?

The lack of testosterone, also known as Hypogonadism, can be separated into few common categories. The first, known as Primary Hypogonadism, is focused upon a potential problem with the testes. The second, known as Secondary Hypogonadism, occurs when the pituitary gland (in the brain becomes out of balance in the stimulation of testosterone production. The third, known as mixed Hypogonadism, likely to be combination of primary and secondary hypogonadism, often relates to a man’s age and health. Regardless of the origin of causes, hypogonadism or reduced testosterone level often create a huge repercussion for a man, thus it is important to look into ways of having it treated. 

Nebido Uses

Whilst the lack of testosterone does carry adverse consequences, there are ways to combat it. This is where Nebido comes in. Nebido is a testosterone undecanoate, and acts as a replacement for the male hormone. Known as one of the most popular methods to counter-balance the missing testosterone,  it can be taken as an injection and is one of the longest-lasting agents, reducing injection frequency for up to at least 14 weeks. The injection will be directly placed into the blood stream by a doctor and only takes a few minutes to do so, thus the appointments are very easy to fit around your life style. 

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is very much bespoke and individualised. One may prefer a medium lasting injection regime such as testosterone enantate or sustanon every 2-3 weeks and the other may opt for long-acting injection Nebido every 6-14 weeks. Nebido is currently not available in the United States and we are lucky to be able be able to supply Nebido in the European Countries. 

Nebido being long-acting is extremely favourable in the treatment of TRT. The advantages of slow release ester allows a steady supply of testosterone in the bloodstream, meaning less mood swings, “peaks and troughs” throughout daily life and even fewer hazardous changes in the blood stream. 

Extremely long-acting implanted pellet is out of fashion now, these pallets are invasive to be inserted. They are surgically implanted to the buttock area every 6 months or so. Expulsion of the pallets due to rejection by the body or poor insertion technique often occur. Infection risk and downtime after procedure is very long. Scar will almost certainly form around the insertion point. At Harley Street MD, we prefer Nebido over implanted pallet. Nebido is a lot of versatile and you can easily top up if required without any scars or downtime. Cost of Nebido is far less than implanted pallet as well.

Alternative Absorption

Needle based injection can be a fast method to restoring your testosterone levels, but some may prefer topical application due to personal reason. At Harley Street MD, we understand Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and that there are alternatives that may be able to help. You can also get your daily dose of testosterone through creams and gels. These are absorbed by being rubbed into the shoulders, chest, flanks or back once a day. Whilst most dry in a few minutes, be wary that there are others that may take longer. Gels are known to be safe, but one must avoid swimming, exercising for the first 2 hours and avoid having the medicated area in contact with young children and pregnant women, to avoid unwanted transfer of testosterone. However, they are very convenient and best of all, no injection is needed. There are different formulae available at present for testosterone gel/cream, we advise to try a few different types as some may cause less skin irritation than the others. 

If you are suffering from symptoms of low testosterone, why not make an appointment with us today to find out what we can do to help you?

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