What Treatments can Increase Testosterone Levels and Are there Side-Effects?

treatments can increase testosterone levels

At a certain age, many men may start noticing their energy, stamina and sexual performance start to drop. Maybe you’ve noticed a decline in your natural energy levels? Maybe you’ve started to notice issues with your sexual drive, or longevity of erections?

If you’re experiencing low-testosterone levels, or a drop in testosterone levels you may also have noticed a drop in lean body mass, such as decreased muscle. It can also affect fat levels, with many men seeing an increase in fat mass, especially abdominal fat around the stomach. Decreased libido and sex drive is another common observation, and even loss of body hair, and feeling less strong or sturdy.

If so, don’t worry – it’s a natural part of getting older, and it’s something that will happen to most men as the years tick by. The most common cause for experiencing these symptoms, is that you may be that testosterone levels for men can naturally decrease.

But What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced inside your body. It’s a hormone primarily found in men, and produced inside your testicles. Testosterone is the hormone that affects a man’s appearance and sexual development through puberty, but it’s also responsible for stimulating sperm production in adulthood, and determining your sex drive too.

In your 20s, 30s you probably won’t notice a lack of testosterone, because your body may still be creating it in abundance. It’s usual for men to start noticing a lack of testosterone as they reach 45+ years old – but as with anything, that can vary from person to person.

As you get older, as a man you’ll notice changes happening with your body, they may be subtle, or they may be obvious – it depends. These changes are likely because of your testosterone production reducing with age.

According to the American Urological Association, they have research showing that approximately 2 out of every 10 men, who are older than 60 years, have low levels of testosterone.

What treatments can increase testosterone levels?

This is where you’ll hear some good news, because there are plenty of treatments available for testosterone boosting.

Here are Harley Street MD we provide testosterone treatments for men, to help with a range of symptoms and issues. We treat your concerns with respect, and we take the issues extremely seriously. We know that a drop in testosterone levels can leave you feeling down, and it can often affect lots of areas of your life.

We’re here to help you improve the symptoms you’re experiencing from having low-testosterone. We know that this can affect your sex life, your work life, your hobbies, physicality and even your mental health – so we know how important this issue is, no matter what your age.

During your consultation we will discuss with you how the treatments work, and what course of treatments we think is right for you. We start by advising a TRT screening, which will help you understand your body better, and will highlight any issues or potential hurdles.

Once you’ve received your TRT screening, our experts can then advise the appropriate treatment for you, and you can read more information here.

Our Recommended Treatment Course

At Harley Street MD the testosterone treatment we use is Nebido (testosterone undecanoate).  It is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication, used primarily for the treatment of low-testosterone – so if you’re suffering from low-testosterone levels it is a treatment that works ideally to help with the symptoms you’ll be experiencing.

The treatment is given as an injection, and the procedure takes very little time, and is relatively pain free, with minimal recovery time needed.

The Nebido injection can help increase muscle mass, help the body burn fat quicker, improve sex-drive and improve the longevity of erections.

Do testosterone treatments have side-effects?

The main differences you will notice when undergoing a course of testosterone injections, will be positive changes you are hoping to see. However, as with most medications, there may be some other side-effects. These may not be seen in every man taking testosterone injections, but it’s important to know they are a possibility.

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