Spring Skin — How Your Skin Can Blossom in the Springtime

As the first signs of spring appear each year — flowers begin to bloom, days get longer and temperatures finally start to rise — many of us are breathing a sigh of relief. Winter has its charms, but those dark, cold evenings do seem to drag on a bit sometimes.

In all the excitement for the season ahead, don’t forget to consider your beauty routine — as the weather changes and you spend more time outdoors, you may need to do a bit of transitioning in the skincare department. A tailored spring skincare routine will keep your complexion healthy over the coming months, so you can enjoy all the wonders of the season without having to worry about breakouts, dry patches or dullness.

How Spring Affects Your Skin

After a few months of harsh winter weather, spring will likely come as a welcome respite for your skin. Humidity levels in the air will rise, giving you some relief from dryness and dehydration, while cold, windy weather will (hopefully) begin to ease. This paves the way for gentle spring breezes and lighter rain showers, which won’t take as much of a toll on your skin as heavy winds and sharp, icy temperatures.

Although springtime isn’t usually as harsh on the skin as winter, there are some key changes to take into account. You’ll need to double-down on your sun care routine as skies get brighter, and as your skin becomes less dry, you may find that lighter formulas provide better results than the heavy moisturisers you’ve been reaching for.

Simple Tips for Spring Skincare

It’s easy to transition your skincare routine from winter to spring — simply keep these top tips in mind to maintain a glowing and healthy complexion.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

This season, don’t just spring clean your house — give your skincare shelf a refresh, too. Spring is the perfect time to take stock of which products you use and rid your cupboard of anything you don’t need, particularly if it’s something your skin doesn’t seem to get along with or it’s a product that’s out of date. Yes, that moisturiser at the back of your drawer can expire, so make sure you double-check that it’s okay to use.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

While we’re on the subject of spring cleaning when did you last clean your makeup brushes? Brushes accumulate dead skin cells, dirt and oil, which can clog your pores, so it’s advisable to clean them weekly.

 Try a Lighter Makeup Look

As the weather brightens up, you may prefer to opt for a more natural makeup look, letting your dewy spring skin shine through. If you’re looking for lighter coverage, try switching out your foundation for a tinted moisturiser that lets your pores breathe.

Remember Your Sunscreen

SPF (sun protection factor) is a must for everyday wear no matter the season, so you should already be stocked up on your favourite lotion, but no skincare guide would be complete without mentioning it. As the sun comes out this spring, make sure your skin is well protected throughout the day.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Don’t let dead skin cells dull your glow over spring. Remember to exfoliate at least once a week to keep your skin fresh and eliminate any unwanted flakiness. We’re not just talking about your face, either — it’s essential to give your arms and legs a good scrub, too.

Switch to Lighter Lotions

Your favourite rich moisturiser has been a hero product throughout autumn and winter, but it’s time to swap it for something lighter. Instead of a heavy cream, try a weightless formula featuring hyaluronic acid.

Up Your Water Intake

When you’re spending a lot of time outside on warm days, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. Aim to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of fluid per day to keep your body and skin healthy.

Nourish the Skin on Your Body

As well as remembering to exfoliate your arms and legs, it wouldn’t hurt to moisturise them, either. Your body needs attention too — try a body butter or lotion to make your skin feel super soft.

Try Something New

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so why not experiment with a new skincare product? Have fun trying out a new face mask, nourishing oil or serum to give your spring skin an enhanced glow

Changing up your skincare routine with each season will help your skin stay healthy and radiant throughout the year, but if you’d like to do more to achieve a glowing visage, our skincare experts can help. Contact Harley Street MD today for a free, no-obligation consultation and discover the best treatment options for you.

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