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Whilst it is generally agreed amongst female empowerment advocates that the shape of any part of your body is perfect in its own way, there is still intrigue into what others find attractive, especially in regards to the shape of lips on both men and women. Jean Haner an expert in face reading, has even said ‘You were born with the features you have for a reason — every feature is linked to a part of your personality and they all work together to represent who you are.So, let’s use this article to explore different lip shapes and which appear to be the most attractive. 

The Blessed Cupid’s Bow

Overall, curvy lips appear to be more attractive in relation to their pout and symmetry, as was clear from a survey of more than 1,000 people from 35 countries that showed that they were mostly attracted to a strong but mirrored plumpness in the lip.Most of these lips contain a striking cupid’s bow which catches the eye due to its sharp points and accentuation with a soft, natural looking lipstick. The cupid’s bow has always been historically attractive, especially in ancient Greek and Japanese cultures, and has even become linked to the idea of self-expression. It is no surprise that the modern girl only wishes to show off this natural accent without it appearing “fake”.  Although bright lipsticks can give you a youthful glow, with a cupid’s bow it is always best to go with natural pinks, soft browns and reds.

Specific Shapes

If we follow the Phi Ratio of Beauty, otherwise known as the “Golden Ratio” of 1.618, then the beauty of lip fullness seems to depend on 1/3 on the top lip and 2/3 on the lower lip. However, there appears to be a recent trend of trying to make the lips look fuller by having a 50/50 ratio between the top and bottom lip. Some do this by overlining the lips with a dark colour, whilst others use a lip plumper combined with either concealer or two different nude shades of lipstick. Never try to use objects, such as those from the Kylie Jenner Challenge, to increase the shape of your lips, as these can make them look unnatural and swollen, even to the extent of causing bruising, sores and blistering. 

For any surgery, it is always best to go to a professional aesthetic doctor who can assess your face shape and give you advice on the best way forward. 

Botox is not worth the Risk

Following on from our previous point, although we strive to gain approval and appreciation from our looks, as beauty has turned its head towards a more natural theme, messing with under-researched Botox injections is certainly not going to provide you with a good look. Lip fillers can certainly help gain that picturesque pout, however without a proper discussion of what fillers are right for you, they may end up not suiting the natural structure of your face. Not only that, but cosmetic dermatologist Karyn Grossman has even said “the filler can act as a tissue expander, permanently stretching the skin, and causing the lips to sag and deflate when the filler eventually degrades, leaving you in worse shape than when you started.” This potential scarringmay only cause potential damage to your lips. It is best to stick with natural lipsticks and avoid this Lips-Plump-Quick-Scheme unless it is with a certified cosmetic practitioner, such as Harley Street MD. 

It’s Selfie Time!

With the arrival of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, there is a hundred ways to share a picture that puts your best smile forward. But what makes the social media gurus stand out in their pictures is how they shape their lips in their poses. What used to be the duck face has now moved on to new and better poses, including the small keyhole look. Imagine taking a selfie whilst pouting, now open your lips slightly to allow for a small gap. This is what looks like a key hole and can make your lips look shaped without any need for photoshopping or contouring. By simply posing and moving your face to the appropriate position, this provides a natural yet fun and flirty look.

Make up is your friend

Whilst the natural way is always the best way, a little make up can always help you and your look. Why not try and plump a little lip gloss onto the middle of your lip to expand them, rather than make them look overdone. Concealer can also be used to hide your natural lip shape so you can use lip liner to enlarge them.

Remember to just be yourself

Whilst beauty and style are important factors in life to give a good impression and to make you feel good, it is essential to remember that just because you do not have the roundest or fullest lips, that makes you unattractive. Remember that fashion is always changing; in the 1920’s women were even more interested in making their lips look the exact opposite! Nothing is more attractive than being yourself and expressing yourself with as many looks as you like. Try out new colours and styles on your lips to see what would best suit your lips, for the secret of the perfect lip shape can only truly obtained when there is a smile on your face. 

Dr. Chia Tan
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