Tear Trough Filler

tear trough filler

As we age, because the skin under our eyes is so delicate and thin, it can often become lax. If you’re self conscious of your under-eyes you know what we’re talking about, the dark circles and the semi-circular depressions can make you look tired and run down, even if you’ve had a full nights sleep. 

This tired look isn’t the aesthetic most of us want, and tear trough filler is one of the most popular treatments for plumping up the under-eye area, and giving your eyes, and face a more youthful glow. The treatment is quick and simple, and it has lasting, visible and impactful results. The results are subtle but can have a big impact on how you look and feel. 

What is Tear Trough Filler?

This hollow area that runs from the inner eye margin to the upper cheek is referred to as a tear trough hollow. This is the area under the eye that can look hollowed or sunken with age. The depressions and sunken nature of this area can cast unflattering shadows on the face, and can leave you looking tired and older than you actually are. 

Tear trough filler is a filler procedure that involves injecting soft tear trough fillers into the tear trough depressions, to bring them back from the depths. By lifting these hollow areas, it can take away the tired look and lighten the dark circles caused by the shadowing effect. The skin looks younger, fresher and plumper. 

The treatment procedure involves the careful introduction of a filler into the tear trough. That is then gently massaged into the target area to blend into the cheekbone and re-create the smooth, firm foundation for your under-eye area.

What is the Filler Made from? 

The soft tear trough filler consists of pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid that is similar to the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid found in soft tissue within your body. Hyaluronic acid is a substance already found in your body, and it’s amazing for hydrating the skin. The tear trough filler we use is also considered one of the safest fillers you can use in tear troughs. 

What are the Effects of Tear Trough Filler?

Beautiful, bright and youthful looking eyes! The treatment is subtle but extremely effective, and patients are always amazing how big the difference is. You can click here to see some of our before and after photos – we think you’ll be mesmerised by the improvements.

The overall result after receiving tear trough filler is to have younger looking skin around your eyes, and to look fresher and more awake. This is a revolutionary and non-surgical 10-minute eye-lift treatment can rejuvenate your look with minimal downtime.

Will People know I’ve had Fillers?

tear trough filler before and afterThe subtle nature of the tear trough fillers means that the results are noticeable but not obvious. Your friends and family will likely comment on how fresh and youthful you look, but they won’t know why and what has caused it (unless you choose to tell them!). The general aesthetic afterwards is looking younger, fresher and more rested.

How Much does Tear Trough Filler Cost? 

If you’d like to have a consultation with us about tear trough filler, we love to hear from you. We can provide full pricing upon request. 

How Long does Tear Trough Filler Take? 

The procedure is quick and hassle-free and usually only takes 30 minutes. Many patients pop into us on their lunch breaks, and head to work straight awards to continue their day. 

Does the Treatment Hurt? 

The treatment does involve small injection into a sensitive area, but we’ll provide topical anaesthetic cream to ensure your discomfort is at an absolute minimum. This means you’ll feel minimal pain and discomfort, and the local anaesthetic integrated within the tear trough filler ensures that the treatment is relatively painless both during and after the procedure. 

How Soon will I see Results? 

You’ll begin to see results immediately after. Filler is great because you don’t need to wait to see the benefits, you’ll feel fresher and younger with minutes. 

Can the Treatment be Reversed? 

Yes, one of the reasons hyaluronic acid is one of the best filler options is because it is reversible (should you want it to be). This is possible when using an enzyme that breaks down and degrades the dermal filler within days. This is a safety net especially important for patients new to the dermal filler procedure.

What Should I Expect after Having Tear Trough Fillers?

Swelling can happen to some patients after receiving their tear trough filler, but this tends to be an exception and happens very infrequently. If you do experience any swelling or bruising it generally passes after a few days, and is nothing to worry about. Avoiding alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen prior to the treatment can help reduce any risks of bruising or swelling too. 

Most people leave their appointment feeling fresh, looking younger and go about their day as normal! Speak to us for more information. 


You will experience immediate lifting effect from the procedure, nonetheless the final result is usually fully visible in 2 weeks time; this is because fillers need time to integrate with the surrounding tissues to achieve hydration balance, and skin in the treated area also needs time to relax and smooth out.

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